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<p>Alright, it may not be pressing news but with all of the negativity and seriousness, it's always nice to see something silly now and again. For Nintendo, they've answered a farmer's challenge and they're headed to a milking competition in Vermont.</p><p>Billings Farm &amp; Museum called out via social media (and letter) last week. After one of their employees tried 1-2-Switch's milking game and found it unimpressive, the museum decided to pit the folks over at Nintendo against the established milkers to see who can come out on top.</p><p>Eventually Nintendo replied back to them via their Facebook post with a Barney Stinson-like "Challenge accepted". The post then continued with a few back-and-forths of friendly banter, before Billings Farm shot out with cocky, "Good luck! We've been at this for over 100 years." By which Ninty replied with "So have we!"</p><p>Ooo, so much sass.</p><p>According to Polygon, sources say that Nintendo have legitimately accepted the challenge and are aiming to fly up sometime in the next week. We'll definitely keep you posted when we know more.</p>.

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