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Last Day on Earth: Survival(MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.0.6)

<p>Crossy Road just got updated on iOS, with a batch of nine characters from famous mobile games.</p><p>You can now buy or unlock Qw33goorpps, Hooty, and Shooty Cat from Shooty Skies, Turny and Astronaut from Land Sliders, and Ida, A Crow, and The Storyteller from Monument Valley.</p><p>They're 79p / 99c a pop, unless you win them from the prize machine. Oh, and Shooty Cat is free for a limited time.</p><p>There's also a new hidden character, who looks suspiciously like the Totem from Monument Valley. We'll tell you how to unlock it as soon as we figure it out for ourselves.</p>.

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