In this category, you can find the list of Mod apk Games developed for Android Pet-simulation Games.

MetroLand(MOD (Unlimited Money, No Ads) v1.3.14

MetroLand(MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Energy) v2.60.2

Free dyno and free Nitro, Nitro is the most precious asset of any urgency; if many enemies follow you, press the nitro button and get ahead miles away from all enemies.....
MetroLand(MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.1.3

MetroLand(MOD APK (Unlimited Nitro) v1.35.0

Zombie Hunter King Mod Zombie Hunter King 1.0.13 Mod Free Shopping Features:Free ShoppingZombie shooting game with simple control.Select your weapon and beat the zombie troops with global users.[Features]- This is action zombie game outstanding brilliant visual and sounds.- Appear boss zombies and various action zombies.- There are 20 kinds of weapons pistols, rifles, shotguns ,grenade, and snipers.- Collect your weapons and upgrade them more stronger.- Collect the special ability cards and upgrade them.- We have lots of missions and stages.- Clear the event stages for getting lots of game money.- Compete against global users by PVP.- Small capacity,rapid loading and optimized system.Homepage:https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=4864673505117639552Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mobirixplayenYouTube :https://www.youtube.com/user/mobirix1....
MetroLand(MOD (Unlimited Money) v2.31.3

MetroLand(MOD APK (Fast Fishing) v1.30.0

"Yes, I know, I've felt that too, about other things. But we all love you, Anne. Captain Jim has been up every day to ask for you--and Mrs. Moore haunts the place--and Miss Bryant spends most of her time, I think, cooking up nice things for you. Susan doesn't like it very well. She thinks she can cook as well as Miss Bryant."....
MetroLand(APK v13.1.1 (ARM)

MetroLand(MOD (Unlocked Full Content) v1.7

The aloes of all forces, shocks and fears....