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<p>Playism usually publishes Japanese indie games for western audiences on PC. But its latest is specifically for iOS and Android and it's called (get this) BREAK ARTS: Cyber Battle Racing.</p><p>If the title isn't clue enough, this is a combat racing game featuring fully customisable mecha. You jump into a giant robot and hurtle it through outer space.</p><p>You aren't free to fly wherever you please, though. There are tracks to stick to, so you'll want to get a decent command on the on-screen joystick in order to reach maximum speed.</p><p>Not only that, you'll need to master boost control and firing missiles to clear the track of your robotic enemies. The Japanese developer refers to it as the "art of destruction."</p>.

GAME NAME Real Plow Truck Driver

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com.sigmateam.Real Plow Truck

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